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Cruz Johnson

From the Executive Director, ICM

John Hnatio

You must stand up and be heard: we are all powerless without the collective support of honest Americans like you

For two years we have been working to expose a corrupt band of military officers, their civilian employees, and defense contractors who colluded to place the lives of American soldiers at risk during the Gulf War.

To make money for themselves, they delayed the delivery of life-saving protective gear to our soldiers fighting in the Middle East for years. The result—thousands of our servicemen and women are sick and dying from exposure to the toxic chemical exposure they received during the Gulf War.

If you don’t believe me take a look at this story appearing in Newsweek.


At ICM, we have spent thousands of hours investigating the crimes.  We have written the most comprehensive report of its kind containing irrefutable evidence.  We have an audio of recorded proof.  Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has already conceded that the Army is guilty.

But last week when we presented the evidence to Senator Cruz and Representative Johnson they turned tail.  Political expediency was more important to them than saving the lives of American soldiers and alleviating the suffering of thousands of Gulf War veterans.

Cruz and Johnson told us to get lost. They refused to meet their Constitutional responsibility for overseeing the Department of Defense and insisting that the corruption be stopped immediately.

By now you are saying to yourself. “What did you expect?  They are just a bunch of politicians who are just out for themselves.  We can’t do anything about it.”

No, that is not a good answer.  All of us as American citizens must be willing to stand up and be counted in the face of such incredible hypocrisy.  It’s not about being a conservative, Libertarian, a member of the Tea Party, a democrat, or some other political persuasion.  In fact, it has nothing to do with politics at all.

But it does have everything to do with being an American.  The future of our country and our ability to protect ourselves in an increasingly unfriendly world is everyone’s business.  The facts are clear.  Unless we all start to demand better from our politicians and our government things will only get worse.  Please help us to turn the tide by being heard.

We have just published a petition on behalf of the small businessman who lost his livelihood because he stood up against a corrupt military system more interested in making money than protecting the lives of our soldiers.  What he got for his valiant efforts was retaliation that destroyed his life.  Today, he is struggling to survive off a social security disability check.  In my book, the man is a national hero who deserves much better than he is getting at the hands of our politicians in congress.

If you have not done so already, please go to https://www.change.org/p/secretary-of-defense-ashton-b-carter-help-save-the-lives-of-american-warfighters-64699366-b312-47c7-b84d-086df524a22a?recruiter=45147274&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink and sign the petition.  Unless we all stand together to make the effort to be heard, everything we stand for as honest Americans is at risk.  This story needs to go viral!

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