The preservation of our freedom depends on each of us not the government

By Tim Catalano

How big is governmentThe reality is we are human. We are individuals, and in order to cooperate for the benefit of the group, we are responsible for creating the type of society in which we all must live. In the United States, our original vision was born out of the fundamental libertarian principles of equality, freedom, and property rights, as set forth in our Constitution.  But as things have evolved, these fundamental principles have become more of a fiction than a reality.  Over time, our societal view has become narrower and narrower to benefit the few rather than “we the people.”

Adhering to the original principles upon which our country was founded 230 years ago has proven to be a great challenge.  For the common man, it is difficult to live by our principles after we become slaves to the huge enterprise that has now become our government—an overwhelming and all controlling entity that manages nearly every aspect of our lives from birth to death.  Under such a system, truly embodying the spirit of the Constitutional principles upon which we were originally founded becomes nearly impossible.

What has happened is that our original reality has now become distorted to become nothing but a great fiction that we desperately cling to because we are scared of the true situation.  When so many of us refuse to admit the truth, and we choose to leave the preservation of our liberties in the hands of the favored few, we are all lost.  We can no longer afford to believe the fiction that larger and larger government is the answer to America’s problems.  At the very least we must be willing to challenge the erosion of our individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Take as one example the government theft of the creativity and intelligence and hard work of its own citizens to prop up a corrupt government agency—in this example it is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  What the FDA does is lure in small businesses only to steal their intellectual property. The FDA enters into contracts with these little entrepreneurs for one purpose only, to take their ideas, duplicate them, and give them away to their favored contractors to make more money with stolen property—the very same big companies that they should be regulating!  So, instead of preserving the rights of American citizens to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, our government is really taking it away.

The entrepreneurs in this example had all the virtues needed to succeed – intelligence, creativity, vision, honesty, and perhaps most important, fortitude. Fortitude is defined as; mind, strength of character, strong-mindedness, backbone, spirit, grit, true grit, doughtiness, steadfastness.  In this example, it was John Hnatio, the Chief Science Officer of the little company called FoodQuestTQ, who had his patent and trade secrets stolen by the FDA.  His fight against the tyranny that has now become our own government should serve as an example to all of us.

The American people are in a deep slumber, not realizing the dangers of unchecked government power. In many ways our federal government today is akin to the British Government of the colonial era.  The only thing that appears to be different is that a few government bureaucrats at the top now play the role King George and his generals played in trying to suppress the God given rights of the American colonists 230 years ago.  Today, we would all do well to remember that it is the American people who have always been the check on corrupt power. So, all of us should be FoodQuestTQ’s biggest supporters if for no other reason than to protect our own rights.

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