First Letter to Attorney General Frosh

The Honorable Brian E. FroshFQTQ

Attorney General for the State of Maryland

Office of the Attorney General

200 St. Paul Place

Baltimore, MD 21202


March 3, 2015

REF: Enclosed letters of February 3, February 24, and March 3, 2015

Dear Attorney General Frosh:

This letter is a follow-on to our letter to you of February 3, 2015. A copy of our letter to you is enclosed for your reference.

On February 24, 2015 we were provided with a copy of a letter signed by Mr. Michael T. Gavin, Acting Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), refusing to investigate our complaints of fraud, waste and abuse by the FDA and other agencies of the Federal Government. A copy of the FBI letter is enclosed.

On February 3, 2015 we wrote a letter to the Honorable Michael E. Horowitz, Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice requesting an investigation of political influence and obstruction of justice by the FBI in their handling of our case. A copy of this letter is enclosed for your perusal.

Today, March 3, 2015, we wrote a second letter to Mr. Horowitz.  A copy of this letter is also enclosed for your review and consideration as you move forward to independently investigate the actions of the Federal Government to deny us due process of law and obstruct justice by violating both Federal law and the laws of the State of Maryland.

We look forward to your protection of our civil rights as citizens of the State of Maryland against the incursion of our civil liberties by the Federal government.


John's Signature

John Hnatio, EdD, PhD

Chief Science Officer


Representative Chris Van Hollen, Member of Congress



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