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1Date: March 3, 2015

Subject:  Status Report on the Case of FoodQuestTQ



FQ Status


In the case of FoodQuestTQ the Food and Drug Administration plagiarized the doctoral dissertation of the company’s Chief Science Officer; infringed on the company’s patents and took their trade secrets to duplicate FoodQuestTQ products that they were already selling to the food industry.  The small company is now destitute as the result of the actions taken against them by the Federal Government.

Early on, the small company turned to their Congressional delegation in the State of Maryland requesting their intervention to stop the actions of the Food and Drug Administration.  In all cases, Congress refused to intervene stating that they could “don’t get involved in legal matters.”  In one particularly egregious case, when the small company called the whistleblower hotline to report fraud waste and abuse a congressional staffer simply hung up the phone.  Letters to members of Congress including the Chairs of major committees in both the House and the Senate were never answered.

Over the past several weeks, the case of FoodQuestTQ has taken several important twists.  To date the small company has reported fraud, waste and abuse at the Food and Drug Administration to virtually every law enforcement agency in the Federal Government with no action.  A copy of the investigative prepared by FoodQuestTQ at the request of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was sent to the White House, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Small Business Administration, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and many others.  Without exception, the small company’s requests for an investigation were rebuffed.

In late December 2014, after numerous unanswered requests at all levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate the criminal activities reported to them by FoodQuestTQ, the small company finally wrote a certified letter directly to Director Comey asking if their repeated reports of fraud, waste and abuse at the Food and Drug Administration would be investigated.  Three months later, the Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to investigate the matter saying that FoodQuestTQ had already been “advised by SBA and HHS that his [Chief Science Office of FoodQuestTQ] claims were not substantiated…”  It is noted that both the SBA and HHS were directly implicated in the actions taken against FoodQuestTQ.

The FBI goes on to state “Due to competing priorities and limited resources, the FBI is unable to address all of the intellectual property fraud schemes that target our citizens…”  In the case of FoodQuestTQ the value of the stolen technology taken by the U.S. Government was independently estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. Felonious crimes were committed as Government employees engaged in fraud, waste and abuse.  Officials of the U.S. Government itself acted to intentionally evade the Constitution and the laws of the United States.  There can be no case more important for the FBI investigate than a case where U.S. Government officials themselves acted to evade the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.

At about the same time, FoodQuestTQ was trying to obtain a response from the FBI, FoodQuestTQ sent a certified letter to the Comptroller General of the General Accounting Office asking him to look into the alleged procurement fraud and violations of procurement integrity law involved in their case.  A senior investigator for the General Accounting Office reported that they did not have jurisdiction to investigate the matter and told company officials that the agency would be writing them a letter to explain their position.  FoodQuestTQ has not received a letter from the General Accounting Office.

On February 3, 2015, when it became clear that the Federal Government was ignoring FoodQuestTQ requests for due process under the law, the company wrote a letter to the Attorney General of the State of Maryland reporting the criminal activities in their case. FoodQuestTQ requested that the Maryland Attorney General investigate the case since many of the alleged crimes against them took place in the Maryland Headquarters of the Food and Drug Administration.  The small company has received no response from the Attorney General.

On February 5, 2015, FoodQuestTQ wrote another letter to the Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Complaints Division of the Inspector General of the Justice Department requesting an investigation as to why the small company was being denied due process of law by the Federal Government.  FoodQuestTQ has not been contacted by the Inspector General’s Office.

The failure to investigate wrongdoing in the case of FoodQuestTQ raises serious questions about the ability of the Federal Government to investigate acts of wrongdoing within its own ranks.  As things stand now, the Federal Government is simply ignoring cases like FoodQuestTQ that disclose widespread fraud, waste and abuse.

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