Winds of Change

What is it that I am hearing?  Could it be the winds of change blowing through our country?  Although wind is invisible, you can see and feel its effects—the leaves on the trees being blown about, the cold air on your skin and trash cans being blown down the street.  The big question today is, like trash cans in the wind, will the long-entrenched political elite in Washington, D.C. be blown down the street?  Well, opinion polls are showing that Americans are not at all happy with the workings of their government.Change

A full 71% of Americans said they were dissatisfied with the state of the nation; of that number, 41% are “very dissatisfied.” In total, more than a quarter of Americans said their frustration transcended dissatisfaction and landed on anger.

Americans don’t trust the federal government. Just 2% of voters said they could trust government in Washington to do what is right “almost all the time,” according to the poll. A majority said they could trust the federal government “some of the time.” (

Besides engaging in an entertaining national dialogue about the possibility of electing an outsider as our next President, what can Americans do to bring about the type of meaningful change we must have to keep the United States the greatest nation on earth?  Well, one important thing we can all do is stop fighting amongst ourselves to delay necessary action in favor of finding the common ground on which we can all move forward in positive ways.  All of us must stop listening to those who preach divisiveness and start talking about common interests.   The inaction resulting from political entrenchment thrives on a divided electorate and we all know that dissension is alive and well in Washington D.C.

We need to convey to those who run for and hold political office that they are representatives of the people and not royalty to be exalted.  The representatives of the people need/must do a better job of reflecting the values and morals of the people that entrusted them to represent them.  Seeing to the people’s business doesn’t mean being in constant campaign mode worrying about how you are going to stay in power.  It doesn’t mean avoiding the tough decisions.  It means working hard to find the consensus necessary to allow the country to keep moving forward in a positive direction.  It means protecting our citizens from an over-reaching government that too often oppresses the very people it is intended to serve.  It means explaining to each and every civil servant in the government that, first and foremost, they work for American people.  Too often, when the people turn to their elected representatives and the government to address tough problems they are simply ignored.

So, why are we standing on our soapbox preaching what everyone already knows?  Is it to push you to jump on board a particular political bandwagon?  Is it to get you to vote in a particular way?  No, our words are not so much intended as a political message but rather a warning.  Unless we find and act upon the common interests that we all share we risk losing the very freedom upon which our nation was founded.  Any government driven by retaining power for an elite few is not a democracy and is doomed to fail.

The dangers for small business men and women in all of this is a government that unfairly competes with them to drive them out of business in order to maintain employment for government civil servants at the expense of small businesses.  Unfair government competition means the ruined lives and lost livelihoods of entrepreneurs who attempt to start-up small businesses.  It means the loss of the small business innovation that has proven essential to maintaining the global competitiveness of the United States. It means the monopolistic control of the marketplace by only government suppliers of critical goods and services.  It means the undeterred government theft of the patented ideas belonging to small business entrepreneurs.  It means the theft of trade secrets from small business proposals and the infringement of small business patents by federal agencies.

We are the John Galt Program for Investigative Studies.  Our mission is to help small businesses by exposing unfair government competition. We fight for the preservation of American values.  We fight so our children can live the American Dream– to be able to create something with their own hands; bring their products to market; become successful based on their own good ideas and hard work, and; live free from the fear that the government will destroy their dreams.

The John Galt Program for Investigative Studies (JGPIS) is a non-profit charitable program that falls under the Institute of Complexity Management, EIN # 43-2057175.  The John Galt Program for Investigative Studies helps small business protect themselves against encroachment into their intellectual property.  We provide pro-bono work to help small business create investigative reports concerning how the entity infringed on that company’s intellectual property.  We survive on the donations of others that allow us to perform this service. If you wish to donate to JPGIS so that they can reap what they have sowed, please click on this link:


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