Interview with Ryan Dawson

This morning the Executive Director of the Institute for Complexity Management had a hard-hitting interview with national radio host Ryan Dawson.

In the interview, Hnatio told Dawson the story of how a corrupt group of military officers, their civilian employees, and preferred contractors colluded to steal, reverse engineer, and then duplicate protective gear that was desperately needed by our troops.

By stealing and redirecting the manufacture of the technology to their own Army “preferred” contractors it delayed for years the fielding of technology vital to protect our soldiers from nuclear, chemical, and biological poisoning on the battlefield.

This example of the Army’s war profiteering has contributed to what is now widely known as the “Gulf War Syndrome”, which has left thousands of veterans from the wars in the Middle East suffering the long-term effects of chemical poisoning from exposure while in the battlefield.

Just last week Defense Secretary Carter was confronted with a tape recording by a senior Army official at Natick Laboratories revealing how the Army perpetrated the scheme.  Ashton Carter has already conceded the Army’s scandalous behavior.

But in an amazing twist, when Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and Representative Sam Johnson (TX) were presented with the results of a two year investigation, (Secretary Carter’s concession of guilt, and a secret recording showing irrefutable proof of the Army scheme) they turned tail saying that they were not responsible for overseeing the government.

Here is a quick rundown of the informative interview in a series of audio clips that may shock you.  Hnatio demands an apology from Cruz and Johnson on behalf of all veterans, and asks that every American stand up for our soldiers by signing a petition and personally calling the offices of Cruz and Johnson to demand action.

  1. Wes Schneider invents life-saving technology for our troops to protect them from chemical poisoning on the battlefield.
  1. A corrupt group of Army officers, their civilian employees, and DOD contractors steal Wes’s technology.
  1. This case is egregious.
  1. There is overwhelming evidence of wide scale corruption.
  1. Wes put the lives of our soldiers first and took on the Army.
  1. Like Wes Schneider, the Chief Scientist at the Army’s Natick Laboratories suffered retaliation for putting the lives of troops first. He was forced to retire and now lives in Canada because he is disgusted with corruption of the U.S. Army.
  1. A year ago we went to Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Sam Johnson who told us we had to go to Jon Rymer—the Inspector General of the Department of Defense and request an investigation. We tried to get the DOD IG to investigate.  No response.
  1. The government doesn’t even try to do the right thing.
  1. We went back to Senator Cruz and Representative Johnson and they turned tail and ran from their responsibility.
  1. The critical importance of congressional oversight.
  1. If the people cannot rely on their government, where can they go?
  1. We must all stand up and demand a better government.


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