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Date:  March 3, 2015

Subject:  Status Report on the Case of Wesleyan Company


 Wes Status


The case of Wesleyan company involves a small company that had their patents and trade secrets misappropriated by a group of corrupt U.S. Army officers and their “preferred” defense contractors.  The owner of Wesleyan Company developed a new drinking system to protect American soldiers during chemical, biological and nuclear attacks on the battlefield.  The actions of the U.S. Army officers and their “preferred” contractors as they misappropriated the Wesleyan Company owned technology delayed the deployment of the technology during the time of the Gulf War unnecessarily leaving the lives of our American warfighters at risk.  When the small company complained about the situation, the U.S. Army proceeded to force Wesleyan Company out of business and later convened a kangaroo court riddled with conflicts of interest to declare the Army innocent of any crimes in order to cover-up what really happened.

On November 3, 2014, the Institute for Complexity Management wrote a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation reporting widespread fraud, waste and abuse by large defense contractors that left the lives of American soldiers on the battlefield at unnecessary risk.  Copies of the comprehensive report prepared by the Institute for Complexity Management detailing the alleged crimes were also provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation never responded to our reports of criminal activities within the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army and their contractor employees.

In early November 2014, we also wrote letters to Representative Sam Johnson and Senator Ted Cruz on behalf of the owner of Wesleyan Company, a Texas constituent.  In both cases, a request to intervene with the Federal Government to conduct an investigation of fraud, waste and abuse was rebuffed.  The Institute for Complexity Management was told by House and Senate staff that their Members “don’t get involved in legal matters.”  Instead, they advised us to report the matter to the Office of Inspector General at the Department of Defense.

On December, 15, 2014, the Institute for Complexity Management wrote a letter to Frank Kendall the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics at the Department of Defense.  Mr. Kendall was tasked by the Pentagon to conduct a top to bottom review of the defense acquisition and procurement system.  In our letter to Mr. Kendall we brought the case of Wesleyan Company to his personal attention and offered to provide him with a detailed briefing on the case to consider as he made changes to improve the defense acquisition and procurement process.  Mr. Kendall never responded to our letter.

On December 28, 2014, at the suggestion of Representative Johnson and Senator Cruz we wrote a letter to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense requesting an investigation of the alleged crimes by the U.S. Army in the case of Wesleyan Company.  The Department of Defense Inspector General informed us that they did not have the responsibility to investigate the Wesleyan Company matter and instead referred any further action on the matter back to the U.S. Army itself for investigation.  Not surprisingly, we have not heard anything back from the U.S. Army.

The case of Wesleyan represents one example of how the military industrial complex intentionally ignores procurement and procurement integrity laws to exploit small businesses in America, and by so doing, stifles the innovation that is essential to the nation’s competitiveness in the world and the strength of our own defense industrial base.


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