Let’s Take Our Country Back

Dear Senator Lee

Thank you for posting the video on the vote by Congress to take money from Social Security and spend it elsewhere.  I am constantly amazed by our political class.  How both right and left become indignant about protecting Social Security, but when they have a chance to actually vote to protect the program, they take the political expedient way out and their vote does not represent their rhetoric.

Personally, as a 57 year old, I don’t expect Social Security to be available when I retire.  After paying into the system since I was 13 years old, I will not get much if anything to show for the money that I placed into a program that was supposed to be in a lock box.

But, politically, this is not the only aspect of government that is broken.  I am also a 20 year retiree from the U.S. Army.  Additionally, I am a 70% disabled veteran.  After retiring from the Army, I went to work in the civilian world.  I received good money and benefits for the work that I performed.  Wanting to live the American Dream, my business partner and I put all we had into a new venture.  With Congress just passing the Food Safety Modernization Act, we believed that we had the solution with our patented predictive analytic tools.  We did all we could to protect what we had to offer to the food industry.  As we tried to work with our government counterparts, the U.S. FDA, we showed them numerous times what we were doing and how our tools worked.  We thought we were protected by Title 18, but we were naïve.  The same government that I risked my life for took our intellectual property and reproduced it, giving it away for free to the food industry.  That wasn’t enough, this same government then blacklisted us within the food industry so that we could not sell our product to anyone, nor work ever again in the food industry.

When we approached our political representatives, we were promised help, but again those same politicians took the politically expedient way out.  Not standing for what was right or wrong, but for what they could get out of the deal.  We have been fighting this fight since the fall of 2012.  We have been trying to stir the hearts of our fellow citizens to help us fight the fight.  I guess we have not been overly compelling to garnish the support we need.

Your stand on Social Security gave me hope that perhaps there is one politician who cares about what is happening to our country.  Perhaps there is one politician who will help us fight the fight.  Please join us on www.jgpis.org to help those who have been taken advantage of by our government to help them get what is rightfully theirs.  Help us once again to make the American Dream alive and well and to not be the nightmare that it has become.

Kind Regards

Bruce Becker

Investigating Complex Issues