Hey, wait a minute: Blaming Comey for doing the right thing!

By John Hnatio

I just read that Eric Holder has joined the bandwagon of people descending on FBI Director James Comey for notifying Congress that he found some of the 33,000 e-mails that Hillary Clinton deleted and then “bleached” from her illegal e-mail server system.  Oh, let’s not forget about those telephones and computer hard drives she had her people take a hammer to.  Then there’s that meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton in the back of an airplane.  Funny, no one disputes the facts.  The only dispute is whether Hilary did what she did on purpose.

Remember, first it was Comey’s fault for investigating anything to do with Hilary Clinton. Then it was his fault for not convening a grand jury.  Then it was the Russians fault for disclosing the e-mails Hillary tried to destroy in the first place. “Holy mackerel there Andy” is all I could say when I found out about Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s computer.  Now it’s still Comey’s fault for not keeping his mouth shut until after the election.

But consider this.  Why wouldn’t Director Comey ask for Loretta Lynch’s permission to tell Congress and the American people the truth before they cast their votes?  Maybe it’s because the Justice Department itself has been politically corrupted and no longer follows the rule of the law in our country.  Maybe Loretta Lynch cut a deal with Bill Clinton in the back of that airplane?  Can you imagine such a thing—Director Comey does not trust Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department!

President Putin of Russia commented at a recent news conference in Moscow, “What’s going on in America? They are supposed to be a great country—are they now a banana republic?”  Well, with all of the antics going on in Washington what do you think?

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