From Dr. Seuss and Mr. Bruce

Uncle Sam



I do not like this Uncle Sam,
Because he lies and cheats and scams.

Passing laws throughout the day,
Telling people what to say.

Taking things he did not earn,
But if you fight, you will get burned.

He charges folks to pay his fee,
Thinking everything he gets is free.

Bankrupting the country with his plan,
Never lending a helping hand.

Living high above the rest,
Because he thinks he is the best.

Passing rules he will not keep,
Yet telling the rich that they are cheap.

Is it time to tell this Sam,
Who the heck I really am.

I am the one who fought your wars,
I wake each day to do your chores.

I am the one who can send you home,
Removing you from the big white dome.

Believe me when you hear me say,
Tomorrow may be your last free day.

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