The Story of Demodulation

Demodulation is a small company that is attempting to commercialize a revolutionary technology called ų microwire fiber.  Microwire fiber is a glass-coated wire the size of a human hair.  It has many commercial applications.  For example, it can be inserted into packages that can be remotely monitored using hand held detectors or, when fully developed, even at great distances by satellites in space. The technology is called “dual use” because it has both commercial, as well as, national security applications.  The State of New York, the U.S. Federal Government and their contracted agents (collectively hereinafter referred to as the “Enterprise”) are colluding to implement a purposeful scheme to defraud Demodulation of their ų microwire fiber technology.  Contracted agents of the Federal Government and the State of New York include British, Spanish and Israeli interests. By so doing, the Enterprise is engaged in criminal violations of U.S. Federal and State of New York laws.  It is also noted that the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China both maintain continuing programs of development for the µmicrowire technology for intelligence and military applications.  For purposes of this report, the Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China are considered as independent foreign espionage threats rather than colluding members of the Enterprise as defined above.




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