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2015 Reflections

The unexamined life is not worth living.  A thought stated by Socrates during his trial for corrupting the youth, in which he received a death sentence.  For years I have taken this statement to heart, not just as a personal reflection, but also as a professional one.  For some strange reason I perform this yearly ritualistic task on Thanksgiving Day.  I guess the rationale behind that is Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to God for the blessings one has received.  Although it is nice to reflect on the good things, I find I gain more knowledge from understanding the reasoning behind why I failed at a certain task.  No matter if you win or if you lose, you must grow from each experience.

Besides growing from your experiences, there are important questions one must ask oneself in order to gain an understanding of one’s value.  That value is not measured by the size of your bank account, but the size of your heart.  It’s not what you earned, but what you gave away. What have I done for the world and would what I do be missed if it was no longer offered?  How many others offer the same service as you, or is my service unique?  Lastly, you must ask yourself, why you do what you do.  Is it to receive the praise of men? Then what you’ve earned here in the world is your only reward. Or, is it for the Glory of God, which means that your reward will come at a later time.

In reflecting on what we (John and Bruce) were able to accomplish with our non-profit, the Institute for Complexity Management (ICM), I was very pleased with the answers to the probing questions asked above.  The Institute for Complexity Management is a 501 (c) (3) charity.  ICM sponsors two programs under their banner.  Those programs are The National School Safety Collaboratory (NSSC) ( and the John Galt Program for Investigative Studies (JGPIS) (

The mission of the National School Safety Collaboratory is “to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for our children.”  Our service is to provided risk management software and information to prevent copycat crimes at schools and/or universities.  We provide quality whitepapers as well as surveys so that we can understand the trends that are happening in our country.  We try to provide all these services free of charge.  The only way we can accomplish what we are trying to do is by the generosity of those who find value in the service we provide.

The mission at the John Galt Program for Investigative Studies is to help small business protect themselves against encroachment into their intellectual property.  We provide pro-bono work to help small business create investigative reports concerning how the entity infringed on that company’s intellectual property.  Again, we survive on the donations of others that allow us to perform this service.

Although businessmen would consider our ability to raise revenue a failure, I believe it was a success.  We have raised $6,895 as of the writing of this story.  But, last year we only raised $220.  So it was a 97% increase in our revenue.  That money was not used to pay any salaries, but to help protect our children at school and to help others fight the good fight.  We did spend $1,000 on a consultant who performed far more than the money we could pay her.  And we spent $1,000 on travel.  The travel was to help prepare one of the companies we are helping at the John Galt Program for Investigative Studies to fight the government that stole that company’s intellectual property.  We are very pleased with how that case is progressing in the courts.

Besides the case mentioned above, we wrote constructive notices for two other companies, The Wesleyan Company and FoodQuestTQ.  We had to send out all correspondences in those two cases via certified mail.  Additionally, we posted and boosted numerous articles (both on school safety and on government encroachment) on social media that cost us $1,415.65.  So as of the writing of this article we have a total $813.59 left in our bank account.

The things we have accomplished, I believe, could not have been done by anyone else.  Who else do you know would perform 5000 hours of quality legal work and receive $0 compensation?  And, if we didn’t help others to fight against an over reaching government, then who would?  We sponsored two surveys in the National School Safety Collaboratory and one in JGPIS.  All research is performed by a staff of two, with outside help at times.  All social media and web portals are also managed by the same staff of two.  Although it would be nice to eventually pay our staff, no staff member has been paid since the inception of ICM 10 years ago.  All work is done out of the generosity of their hearts.  Their reward will definitely be in heaven.

So after reviewing the facts of what we have done at ICM, I must say it has not been for the money.  That I hope is apparent.  But, what we have done is enriched the souls of others.  It allowed others to see that they are not alone in their fight against an over reaching government.  In the military, we would say we got your six. And, if we saved one child’s life by the information we have shared at NSSC, it has been worth the many hours spent finding and sharing information.  With all that was stated, I consider the last year a total and complete success.

Yes, others may look at our bank account and say we have failed.  It is unfortunate for them not to be able to see the deposits we have made into the hearts and minds of those who have benefitted from our services.  As for John and I, we consider ourselves the richest men in the world.  For when we saw a brother or sister in need, we helped.  What is more valuable than that?

FDA FDA forced to admit guilt after getting caught in massive property theft scheme

(NaturalNews) It isn’t often that a federal government agency or official admits wrongdoing. In fact, it almost never happens.


But in June, one official from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) broke that trend when he admitted that he had stolen a massive amount of intellectual property.

Learn more:



On July 24, 2014, a surprising nexus occurred between Michael McKibben, founder of Leader Technologies, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, inventor of social networking, and Jon Waters, director of The Ohio State University Marching Band. Waters was fired on July 24, 2014, and that firing uncovered Wadsworth, Livermore Labs and Battelle.


On July 27, 2010, McKibben proved in Delaware federal court (Wilmington, DE) that Facebook infringed his patent, and that the engine running Facebook is his invention. Despite proving the theft of his invention by Facebook, the federal courts (all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court) have protected Facebook using unfounded legal pretext. The judicial misconduct is evident in the judges’ own public disclosures. Every one of them holds stock in Facebook, Facebook’s underwriters JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs, and Facebook’s key shareholders including Vanguard, T. Rowe Price and Fidelity. They also have numerous undisclosed relationships with Facebook’s attorneys.


Small Business 3rd Eye Surveillance Files Lawsuit Against Federal Government Seeking $1 Billion in Damages for Video Surveillance Patent Infringement

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–3rd Eye Surveillance, a small business that designs, installs and services digital video surveillance systems, has filed an infringement lawsuit against the federal government in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims seeking damages exceeding $1 billion for unlawful use of the company’s three video and image surveillance patents. The owner of the patents, Discovery Patents, LLC of Baltimore Maryland, is also a Plaintiff.

“The federal government has knowingly infringed 3rd Eye’s patent rights and has impeded the company’s ability to do business”

James Otis Faulkner, the founder of Discovery Patents, invented the surveillance system patents in 2002 to improve residential and commercial security alarm systems while helping safeguard people and property from potential emergencies, including criminal activity, acts of terror, natural disasters and medical emergencies.


The Hamster on a Treadmill



Some of us may still believe that there is equal justice under the law.  But the ones who are most likely to believe it are the lucky ones amongst us who’ve never had to really find out.  Well, here’s a story that may make you think a bit differently about what equal justice under the law actually means.

A few years ago, I decided to become an entrepreneur.  A word that conjures up all sorts of images and emotions-like innovation, no bosses, creativity, big money and more.  Well, suffice it to say, becoming a successful entrepreneur was a lot easier said than done-at least in my case.

My first big step was to go back to college and do years of research to get my doctoral degree.  Then I got a patent based on my research.  My next step was to convince some wealthy investors that I could make them some money.

From here, I put everything I owned into the business along with several million dollars from my investors.  The idea was to create a new generation of risk management software based on my research that would make the food we all eat safer.

In developing the food safety software I briefed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about what my little company was up to.  What I wanted to do is make sure that what I was developing helped the government do a better job of oversight of the food companies they regulate.  But this is where things quickly began to go south.

The FDA started by taking my doctoral research and using it to write the government’s own plan for protecting the nation’s food supply.  Ouch!  But the thievery didn’t stop there. The FDA then took the software that I was trying to sell to the food industry and had it duplicated by their contractors. Double ouch!  But the death knell for my little company came when the FDA gave away the software they duplicated for all of the food companies out there to use for free.  Triple ouch! The bottom completely dropped out of our sales and my dreams of being an entrepreneur were soundly dashed.

So what did I do?  There were two choices.  Move on or fight for justice.  I chose to fight back not just for myself but for everyone who still believes in the American dream of becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business.

This is when, just like a hamster on a treadmill, I began the never ending journey to get nowhere fast. Good guess-I started with congress.  But everyone I went to on the Hill told me, “We don’t get involved in legal matters,” and told me to get a lawyer even though every one of them knew I couldn’t afford one.  But the government buck didn’t stop there.

Then I wrote letters to the Inspector Generals at the Department of Health and Human Services and Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Small Business Administration, the White House and on and on.  But no one would lift a finger to help and the buck still goes on and on.

This year, I decided to step off the treadmill and I started a new initiative to stop the government’s buck. The John Galt Program for Investigative Studies focuses on Americans who are being denied their Constitutional rights. Please visit our web site at  to read about other people with great dreams just like yours that are being dashed by the government.

The John Galt Program for Investigative Studies is part of the Institute for Complexity Management (ICM) a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization that works to address intractable societal issues. ICM relies completely on charitable contributions from people just like you. Please visit our web site at and make a generous contribution today.













DATE: MARCH 7, 2015


In the case of FoodQuestTQ, the Food and Drug Administration plagiarized the doctoral dissertation of the company’s Chief Science Officer; infringed on the company’s patents and misappropriated the company’s trade secrets to duplicate FoodQuestTQ products that the small business was already trying to sell to the food industry.


Over the past several weeks, the case of FoodQuestTQ has taken several important twists.  To date, the small company has reported fraud, waste and abuse at the Food and Drug Administration to virtually every law enforcement agency in the Federal Government with no action.  A copy of the investigative report prepared by FoodQuestTQ at the request of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was sent to the White House, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Small Business Administration, the Comptroller General, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and many others.  Without exception, the Federal Government refuses to investigate itself.


In June 2014, FoodQuestTQ requested that the FBI investigate the fraud, waste and abuse taking place within the FDA, Department of Health and Human Services and the Small Business Administration.  In February 2015, the FBI declined to investigate. In March 2015, FoodQuestTQ wrote to the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice requesting an independent investigation of the FBI into the agency’s failure to provide due process of law to FoodQuestTQ.  FoodQuestTQ also filed a request for an investigation with the Attorney General of the State of Maryland since many of the crimes committed by U.S. Government personnel occurred at FDA Headquarters which is located in the State of Maryland.

In January of 2015, FoodQuestTQ signed a retainer agreement with a major law firm to investigate the infringement of its patents and the misappropriation of the company’s portfolio of trade secrets.


Earlier this year FoodQuestTQ transferred some of its former for-profit functions to a 501 c (3) non-profit charitable organization known as the Institute for Complexity Management (ICM).  ICM has two principal components.  The first component is the John Galt Program for Investigative Studies (JGPIS).  JGPIS was established to provide pro-bono assistance to small businesses across the country who are victims of corruption.  The second component is our National School Safety Collaboratory (NSSC).  The NSSC was created as the vehicle for the development, maintenance and deployment of advanced software to enhance the safety of our children at schools across America.  The NSSC takes the same platform technology developed by FoodQuestTQ for food protection and applies it across the breadth of school related risk management challenges.


You can learn more about the JGPIS and read the comprehensive report on fraud, waste and abuse at the FDA prepared by FoodQuestTQ at the request of the FBI at: You can learn more about the NSSC at: .


In prior notifications, all addressees were cautioned to avoid future liability by refraining from the use of the FDA Food Protection Plan and the following five FDA tools that are currently accessible free of charge to the food industry at the FDA official government website, namely:


  1. Food Defense Plan Builder
  1. Food Defense Mitigation Strategies Database
  1. iRisk
  1. Food Related Emergency Exercise Boxed (FREE-B)
  1. Post 2007 Updates to C.A.R.V.E.R. plus SHOCK
 Table 1:  FDA Tools in Dispute


FDA copyright infringement in the case of FoodQuestTQ versus the Food and Drug Administration includes the plagiarizing of FoodQuestTQ funded and copyrighted research as embodied in the CSM METHOD® and other research, patent infringement and theft of FoodQuestTQ LLC owned trade secrets that the FDA used to duplicate the following six FoodQuestTQ LLC commercial products, namely:


  1. Food DefenseTQ (with TQ standing for Threat Quotient)
  1. Food Defense Architect (FDAR)
  1. Food Safety Architect (FSAR)
  1. POISON Metadata Repository of Intentional and Unintentional Food Poisonings
  1. Food Event Analysis and Simulation Tool (FEAST)
  1. Food Response and Emergency Evaluation (FREE) Tool
Table 2:  FoodQuestTQ Tools Duplicated by the FDA


Please be advised that any use of Projectioneering LLC and FoodQuestTQ LLC owned intellectual property, without the express written permission of Projectioneering LLC and FoodQuestTQ LLC will be considered by Projectioneering LLC and FoodQuestTQ LLC as the unauthorized use of Projectioneering LLC and FoodQuestTQ LLC owned intellectual property pursuant to Title 35, USC, Chapter 29, et seq.


Private companies who continue to use the Food and Drug Administration Food Protection Plan and the computer tools listed in Table 1, below, may also be considered to be in collusion with the Food and Drug Administration within the intent of the Sherman Anti-trust, Clayton and Federal Trade Commission Acts by conspiring to engage with a federal regulatory agency, i.e., the Food and Drug Administration, in anticompetitive conduct.


To avoid future liability in this matter all parties should refrain from using the FDA Food Protection Plan or any of the five computer software tools listed in Table 1, above, since they contain the FoodQuestTQ LLC and Projectioneering LLC owned intellectual property in contention.  In the event that Projectioneering LLC and FoodQuestTQ LLC prevail in this matter, any party that knowingly uses the above referenced FDA products can be held liable for infringement under 35 USC, Chapter 29, e seq. and other applicable provisions of law.

Bruce Becker. President                                           John H. Hnatio, President
FoodQuestTQ LLC                                                   Projectioneering LLC
Date:  March 7, 2015                                                Date: March 7, 2015