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Brazil’s Petrobras: We lost $2 billion to bribery

Brazil’s Petrobras has put a price tag on its massive corruption scandal, writing off $2 billion for bribery-related costs.

The state-owned oil giant announced an overall loss of $7.2 billion in 2014 on Wednesday, two months after its CEO and five other executives resigned over the affair.

Federal prosecutors have accused the former executives of illegally “diverting” billions from the company’s accounts for their personal use or to pay off officials.

More than 80 people have been charged with bribery and money laundering during the criminal investigation — dubbed “Operation Car Wash.”


3 Navy rear admirals reprimanded in corruption scandal

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Three Navy rear admirals linked to a massive bribery scandal that cost the government at least $20 million have been reprimanded but will not face criminal charges, the Navy announced Tuesday.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus issued secretarial letters of censure to Michael Miller, Terry Kraft and David Pimpo, a Navy statement said.

The letters are considered career-ending reprimands. The three are seeking retirement and the letters could affect their benefits.

The three showed “poor judgment and a failure of leadership” by improperly accepting gifts from a “prohibited source” while they were deployed on the USS Ronald Reagan in 2006-2007, the Navy said.


Former Venezuelan judge sentenced to nearly 7 years in Miami drug case

MIAMI (Reuters) – A former Venezuelan judge was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison in US court in Miami yesterday after being accused of taking bribes from a South American drug cartel boss.

Benny Palmeri-Bacchi pleaded guilty in November to money laundering, extortion and conspiring to obstruct justice.

Prosecutors agreed to seek a lenient sentence for his cooperation with a US push against prominent Venezuelan officials suspected of assisting Colombian drug traffickers.

“I feel very remorseful and I ask for mercy,” he told US Judge Ursula Ungaro in Spanish, speaking through an English translator.