GOP donor sues Republican Party for fraud over failure to repeal Obamacare

A Republican donor is fed up with RINOs who paid lip service to repealing imploding Obamacare for 7 years but failed to do so when they had the chance.

Bob Heghmann, a retired attorney from Virginia, filed a federal lawsuit against GOP leaders accusing them of fraud and racketeering.

Heghmann, 70, wants his political donations back, saying weak-willed Republicans raised millions of dollars in campaign funds over the years by promising to repeal Obamacare.

By failing to do so last week, Heghmann said some GOP lawmakers are hucksters involved in “fraud” and organized crime to make money off phony-baloney promises.

RINOs who voted against obamacare skinny repeal john mccain susan collins lisa murkowski

These RINOS allowed the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare to fail. (Image: BizPacReview screengrab/Twitter)

“[The GOP] has been engaged in a pattern of Racketeering, which involves massive fraud perpetrated on Republican voters and contributors,” the lawsuit claimed, as reported by the Virginian-Pilot.

The lawsuit names as defendants the Republican National Committee, two members of Virginia’s national GOP committees, Morton Blackwell and Cynthia Dunbar, the Republican Party of Virginia, and state party chairman John Whitbeck.

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