Large Numbers Flooding John Galt Program for Investigative Studies Portal to Read “FDA GETS CAUGHT AND ADMITS THAT IT’S GUILTY”

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From Tokyo, Japan to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates people have been flooding the John Galt Program for Investigative Studies ( website to read and hear how the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stole a small company’s patents and trade secrets to duplicate its products and force it out of business.

“After two and a half years of writing emails to the U.S. FDA and visiting with our congressional leaders on Capitol Hill, we knew we were getting absolutely nowhere fast,” said Bruce Becker, President of FoodQuestTQ. “We even wrote extensive papers on how the U.S. FDA violated legal statutes and provided extensive evidence on how they broke federal statues and laws, but no one would listen” Becker added (

“We knew we had to do something different.  So, after a lot of thinking, we decided to turn to what is called common law,” said Dr. John Hnatio, the Chief Science Officer of FoodQuestTQ.  “Common law allows judges the flexibility to look beyond abstract government statutes and regulations to make legal judgments based on real world interpretations of what is right or wrong,” Hnatio added.

The process began when FoodQuestTQ wrote what is called a “constructive notice” to Acting Commissioner Ostroff at the FDA. Under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which finds its roots in common law, Commissioner Ostroff was given 45 days to rebut a series of facts that demonstrate that the FDA and its contractor, Battelle Memorial Institute, colluded to steal the small company’s intellectual property, and how they used it to duplicate the company’s products. ( ). “What is so astounding is Commissioner Ostroff’s complete failure to respond.  It represents a complete admission of guilt by the U.S. Government to the blatant theft of a technology worth billions of dollars,” Hnatio said.

After Commissioner Ostroff admitted the truth, the John Galt Program for Investigative Studies issued a press release, FDA GETS CAUGHT AND ADMITS THAT IT’S GUILTY. “Within minutes of that press release we began receiving hundreds and hundreds of hits, and the numbers keep rising,” Becker said. “We cannot express enough thanks to all of those who have stood with us in this colossal fight. It’s not easy taking on the government,” he remarked.

“I am certainly hoping that all of the companies out there take this as a very clear signal from Commissioner Ostroff that it is wrong to steal someone else’s patents and trade secrets,” Hnatio said. “We also hope that all of the companies out there who participated with FDA in stealing our technology, come back into the fold and work with us to properly license our technology,” Becker added.

Companies interested in licensing FoodQuestTQ projective analytic technologies should contact Bruce Becker at (540)645-1050 or via email at

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