Corruption in the FBI:  A wake up call for Director Comey

FBI_generic_image1532438xA quick look at the official website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) proudly proclaims that the FBI investigates things like public corruption, white collar crime including antitrust violations, and major thefts.  Oh, really?  This article looks at one example where the FBI failed to do its job, and begs the much bigger question, “How corrupt is our legal system of justice in America?”

In the summer of 2014, we wrote a letter to the Baltimore Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation reporting corruption and criminal activities going up to the highest levels of the U.S. Government.  We reported the corruption to one of my friends, FBI Special Agent Frank Smotsky.  [We have changed the name in order to protect the innocent.]  Smotsky is top notch. He is highly intelligent, ethical, and concerned about the growing corruption in our government.  But like so many other good agents in the FBI who are simply trying to do their jobs, Frank works on a short leash under the supervision of higher ups that may or may not share his enthusiasm for doing the right thing.

After listening to my story, Frank asked me to prepare a report that he could use to brief his bosses.  Frank knew about my thirty year background working for the U.S. Government in a host of security, intelligence, and investigative positions.  In short, Frank knew that I would never complain unless I really had the goods on the bad guys first.

Franks’ bosses at the FBI didn’t expect to get what they got—one of the most comprehensive and well-documented reports of its kind chronicling corruption and violations of criminal laws at the highest levels of the U.S. Government.  The U.S. Government itself was systematically stealing technology worth billions of dollars from small businesses, as part of a systemic scheme to violate the Constitution.  But after I gave my report to Frank something very odd happened.  I never heard from Frank again.

Over the next year and a half we badgered the FBI with letters and requests to investigate the corruption that involved government racketeering, all with no response whatsoever.  We took a copy of our report and hand delivered it to the Baltimore Office of the FBI.  We wrote a barrage of letters all over the FBI reporting the corruption. All with absolutely no response.

Finally, we asked our congressman to write a letter to Director Comey to ask what in the heck was going on.  When we finally got a response it didn’t come from Comey, but came from one of his underlings, Mike Gavin, who is the person at the FBI responsible for investigating things like violations of criminal laws and corruption.

But what was most incredulous was the content of Gavin’s letter itself.  In this particular case, it was the Food and Drug Administration and their parent agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, that were involved in the fraud, waste, and abuse in the first place.  The FDA violated procurement and antitrust laws by engaging in bid rigging and price fixing, the obstruction of justice, the spoliation of evidence, and a host of other federal crimes involving billions of dollars of stolen technology.

In response to our congressman’s inquiry, Gavin actually said that the FDA, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Small Business Administration, had already investigated their own wrongdoing and found that they were innocent!  Gavin added that the FBI doesn’t have the time, resources, nor the inclination to investigate every “intellectual property” crime against an American citizen.

fox_1By now you may now be asking yourself, “What kind of justice system do we really have?”  Is it a system where the fox is allowed to investigate his own murders of the chickens in the coop and then simply proclaim himself innocent?   Well, based on our experience with the FBI, the justice system is, at the very least, badly broken.  Or perhaps worse.  Maybe the FBI itself is engaged in the cover-up?  In any case, the actions of Mr. Comey’s FBI underlings only serve to undermine the confidence of all Americans in the effectiveness of our system of justice.  It would be good for Mr. Comey to remember that he is ultimately responsible for his employees—people like Mr. Gavin.

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